Analytical Essay Format

Students who have poor writing skills often suffer at undergraduate studies as lot of essays, papers and other writing material is expected of a student studying at this level. When we talk about writing an essay, it is important to indicate here that there are various types of essays that you can find on this website and every one of them has its own distinct requirements. In order to simplify things we shall focus only on the analytical essay format in this article. Before we go into the details of analytical essay format, you should have adequate understanding of what an analytical essay is.

Start with the introduction

The order of an analytical essay is similar to any other type of essay. You start with introduction and then you move on to the main body of the essay and then you write conclusion. That being said, there are differences so far as what you write in the body or content. Moreover, the style of writing also differs in an analytical essay. The next section of article focuses on specifically the format of an analytical essay.

State your proofs

As stated earlier, you need to start with the introduction in which you will give the ground. The introduction of essay must contain a thesis statement that generalizes the topic you are addressing. Once the questions have been presented in the introduction, you will briefly write about the proofs which you will be elaborating in the main content of your essay. Make sure you have at least three proofs.

Moving on to the main content of your essay, the first paragraph of your essay must contain one of the proofs which you mentioned earlier in the first paragraph. It is very easy to lose track of your main thesis statement or the main topic of your essay. So, resist the temptation of digression and try to stick to the original topic.

Summarize in the conclusion

Moving on the second paragraph of your main content, it should contain the second evidence. Do not hesitate from giving statistical proofs and other examples to support your arguments. Similarly, the third paragraph will follow the third evidence or proof in your essay. The next step is writing the conclusion. The key to writing a good conclusion is that you summarize all the points you have mentioned in your essay.