Help With Writing Persuasive Essays

How Much Do You Know about Persuasive Essay Writing?

Generally speaking, persuasive essay is a piece of writing assignment which is aimed at convincing the reader to accept writer’s point of view on a certain issue. Actually, your persuasive essay can discuss some controversial problem which arouses your interest and inclines your target reader into brainstorming. This actually requires the process of developing some argument and backing it up with both evidences and examples.

However, for the majority of students, persuasive essay writing is not a piece of cake. To facilitate this process, the following steps might be taken:

Define your personal attitude towards the discussed issue. The thing is that you should clearly state why you have chosen to defend exactly this position on the subject of your persuasive essay. Moreover, keep in mind that your main purpose insists in persuading your reader.

Study your target audience. Indeed, to perform a winning paper, you have to perfectly understand your reader. Your main task is to define whether your target audience will accept your viewpoints and arguments.

Examine thoroughly the subject. In reality, this implies the process of supporting all your arguments with the reliable evidences. Additionally, to make your writing objective, you should also incorporate the opposing views relating to the topic.

Use your persuasive essay outline. This really results to be helpful when it comes to deciding on the order of the presented ideas.

Ways to Organize Your Persuasive Essay:


If the introduction of your essay will be eye-catchy, you can be sure that you’re on the halfway to your academic success.

The introductory paragraph should finish with the clear thesis statement.

Body paragraph

The ideas highlighted in the body paragraphs should support the main idea of your persuasive essay.

To back up your thoughts, you have to incorporate examples and evidences.

Opposing views

Once you have provided the supporting points, you should write a paragraph explaining the most significant opposing views.


Restate the thesis statement of your persuasive essay mentioned in the introduction.

Make the target audience brainstorm the main ideas of the burning issue.

Persuasive Essay Topics

It’s crystal clear that it’s really difficult to make your target reader exhort into doing something that you discuss in your essay, unless you manage to apply accurate words that are supposed to incline him/her into this action. Additionally, your success depends somehow on the topic you choose. Therefore, here we have prepared few persuasive essay topics you can make use of:

Abortions should be legally allowed.

We should put a ban on smoking.

Living together without the official marriage is a sin.

Sexual education at school is obligatory.

Human cloning should be encouraged.

Should we make gambling illegal?

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